Terms and Conditions

You must be 18 years of age to join the bucks18.com Affiliate Program. We have the right to deny any person or company to be accepted into our program for any reason.

Affiliates are prohibited to use spam techniques (unsolicited email messages, newsgroup and IRC posts, any kind of adware, spyware, malware marketing and any other "spam" methods) to promote affiliate sites or use the aforementioned techniques to refer visitors to any sites that the bucks18.com owns, controls or operates.

You may use the free content only for our sites promotion. Illegal use of free content will be prosecuted. However, you may change content in different ways (for instance resizing, making of your own promotional materials) excluding copyright removement.

The following types of sites are prohibited:

sites that have or imply to have pictures or videos of anyone under age of 18, incest sites;
sites that imply to contain or promote intercourse or advertise sex with minors, animals, sex without consent or rape, pirated software, audio or video files, images or any other printed material;
also prohibited are sites promoted in newsgroup messages or spam email messages.
It is also prohibited to display our banners and links on pages that have the following words in Meta tags, page title, page body or anywhere else in the HTML code: "Lolita", "child", "children", "underage", "pre-teen", "minor", "rape", "bestiality", "incest" or their synonyms. Any attempt on your part to include the above mentioned words will lead to termination of your account.

We prohibit sites that ask their visitors to join our site to be able to access theirs. We pay you well for genuine members that you bring to us using legitimate methods only. If you cheat and trick your visitors into joining our site making them believe they get something they will not in reality, you will not receive your commissions.

You are prohibited to simulate signups, traffic or clicks to any of the sites in the the bucks18.com program. Any attempt on your part to mislead us or mess with the signup form or defraud us will result in termination of your account, you will not receive your funds and will possibly be prosecuted.